What I have learned about Ruler work so far…

So, in my 3 days of owning some FMQ rulers, I have learned a few things.  I purchased A Westalee starter set.  It has six rulers in the package.  I payed $75.00 for them.  I think the 20180306_202815_resized.jpgprice is about average.   I have a Bernina machine, so I could purchase the High Shank set and learned that I could use any long arm rulers, which was good to know.  The rulers came with some non-slip adhesive that sort of reminded me of weird shelf liner.  You can see it in my photo of the rulers.  It is the longer skinny piece (white).  I found that these did not grip good enough, so I purchased the Handi-Quilter ruler grips (the shorter fatter whitish piece in the photo).  They are like sandpaper on steroids, only it is sort of clear.  Worked much better for me.  Provided great grip.

After I started practicing, I ended up having to watch more 20180306_200528_resized.jpgvideos on how to use all the lines on the rulers.  If you can see my clam-shells, they are all off.  Once I watched the video on the clam-shell ruler, I totally got it.  YouTube has tons of videos, even on those specific Westalee rulers.

So, I certainly need more practice, which I hope to get to this weekend at some point.  I am thinking of doing the small clam-shell on the border of my One Monthly Goal Table Topper project.  That remains to be seen though.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


25 thoughts on “What I have learned about Ruler work so far…

  1. Hi Lori,
    I think you scalloped border looks great! This is your first attempt at ruler, and you have it going on. YouTube is fab, isn’t it? Anything you ever wanted to know or not is there. I have to try those Handi-Quilter grips. I had trouble with the ruler slipping a bit, or else I was holding it with a death grip which tires out your hand! You’re doing great. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I love this post and I’m all over their site now. I have a Tin Lizzie (or two 😉 ) and their site doesn’t specify that brand but I’m certain one of the brand types they offer will work. I’m so BAD at FMQ that ruler work is a must. And it’s becoming so popular now. I’ve had a ruler table for my longarm for over a year and I attached it once, but didn’t do justice to the work involved. Thank you so much Lori for providing a new source for rulers!


  3. Your practice looks great. I’m having a little trouble with mine. My machine is skipping stitches with them. I’m going to try again now that I have my machine back from the shop. The tech said he doesn’t do ruler foot but maybe he fixed whatever was wrong anyway.

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  4. In my opinion, clamshells are one of the harder designs to do accurately, so don’t beat yourself up over not having the first one be perfect. I think the second one looks great! I want these rulers, too, but I don’t even have time to think about the learning curve right now, so I’ll wait until the end of summer.

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