My One monthly goal…and some other stuff (Fluffer Nutter Butter)

So, For my One monthly goal I am going to finally finish this Table Topper.  Not sure I would call it a UFO, it is less than a year old.  I made this with the intent of learning/practicing some type of scalloped border.  I bought one of those fancy border rulers a while ago, so I will finally have a chance to give it a try.  My plan is to have this totally completed.

So, my friend Lynn was telling me how she bought some rulers for Ruler work and it was really easy.  So, since Lynn always has great ideas, I decided that I needed to give it a try.  On the way home from the swim meet on Saturday I stopped by a quilt shop and purchased the Ruler work foot.  A ridiculous $125.00.  Ugh. Then I purchased a starter set of Westerlee Rulers.  I hope to use these rulers to finish the quilting on the table topper before I give it a fancy scalloped border.  I am very excited about my rulers and I am hoping It helps me become a more confident quilter.

The Fluffer Nutter Butter quilt for the mystery quilt…..ugh.  Not much progress. Dang itwatermark_2018-03-05-13-26-48.jpg.  I think I was supposed to post on Feb 28th, but I was busy hitting 20180228_201013_resizeda deer.  I have such luck.

Here is a list of participants in this quilt along:





Saturday was the final swim meet.  Yeah!.  I can’t tell you how exciting that is.  Swim practice was 4 days a week and then weekend meets, often at least an hour away.  The school it was held at, had an awesome Natatorium.  Two Pools.  However, the most intriguing part was that the school was decorated with quilt designs.  Odd but refreshing.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



28 thoughts on “My One monthly goal…and some other stuff (Fluffer Nutter Butter)

  1. So much going on! It is nice to have a season end when it makes you run, run, run! I hope you decide your rulers are worth the purchase price, and the two projects look very nice indeed. The car, not so nice, my sympathies! I am glad you are OK!

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  2. Your table topper will be beautiful, your precise patchwork is so impressive. Your new ruler foot will be so fun to make pretty quilting designs and it’s nice you give your business to a local shop too. 😀
    You Mystery QAL project will come together, wish the deer and your car hadn’t 😣

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  3. Hi Lori, you will love the rulers. I tried them on my last two charity quilts I quilted. And then a table runner. It is a skill that must be learned. I thought at the time of quilting that I could have done better free motion, and I probably could, but the rulers give shapes I wouldn’t normally do.

    I love your blog. I haven’t posted in over a year and have the itch, so maybe soon. You are an inspiration!

    Happy Quilting!

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  4. Hi Lori,
    I am so sorry you hit a deer, but glad you are okay! The car even looks drivable, thankfully. Annoying but fixable. Good for you on the ruler purchases! I hope you post about your experiences – I am a beginning ruler quilter myself . . . for what’s that worth. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Lori, I’m sorry to hear that you and your car met a deer. Darn thing! Thankfully you are ok! I hope the new sewing foot and the rulers make a huge difference for you. All quilters should feel confident when they sew. I look forward to seeing your Mystery QAL project not matter what state it is in! 🙂

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  6. I’m sure that school thinks of those as geometric math. LOL Your mystery qal blocks are so nice – love the way you used the required fabric there. I’m still not finished, either. I plan to use every single day this month to finish that top, and then that’s going to be called finished by me. LOL Your truck doesn’t look too bad. Did the dear walk away or become venison for someone?

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