Venturing outside of my box again……

I am always very envious of people that come up with their own designs.  While I sometimes create beautiful things (not so recently though) they are not usually something I came up with. This sort of bugs me.  I want it all to be me.  Likely why I can’t send a quilt off to be quilted by someone else.

I am usually getting my inspiration for things (mostly quilty stuff) by looking at other people’s work, magazines and books.  I am sure we all do.  Sometimes in my mind I am skill building, which is not always bad.  But I always have in the back of my mind that I want it to be all mine from design to finish.

So, last week I finished my “One Monthly Goal” (have not posted yet, this picture is just20170622_182605 the embroidery).  As I hung it up in my dining room, I took a step back and realized this is a one of a kind piece of work.  No one else will have anything like it.  The only part I did not design was the embroidery.  It was a kit my Oma gave me when I was a teen.  But the rest, all me (with all my blog friends advice).  So, why did I think that I could not do my own designs?  Honestly, when I did that piece, I was not thinking about designing a one of a kind piece.  But, that is what happened.

Well, maybe I can.  I will start with something small.  Maybe I do it more than I realize.  Not really sure.  So, I am always practicing on Table Toppers and small pieces.  So, Figured I would try my hand at my own small piece.

I took a piece of homespun fabric that I didn’t like.  Funny because, it was in the local guild quilting garage sale and no one bought or traded for it.  I wanted to not waste something that I liked, fabric wise.  So, I went to my “What were you thinking when you bought that fabric box?”  Then I went to my scraps for the leaves.  I have to admit, they are some of my favorite fabric scraps.  Hand Dyed, which I actually dyed.

I no longer hate the homespun.  Funny how that works.  Still need to finish it, which I will.  Not exactly sure on my curvy base, but I may still work on that.  Is it too busy? Would love your thoughts, all of you give great advice.  Thanks!

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


25 thoughts on “Venturing outside of my box again……

  1. I like your leaves and great that you dyed the fabric yourself, did you make the dye or buy it? I just bought a book about home made dyes but I haven’t tried them yet. I completely agree with you when you say you like to do it all yourself, I could never send a quilt anywhere to be quilted 🙂 but I’m not good at machine quilting so usually quilt by hand.

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  2. I love your table topper and I do not feel that the leaves are too bright. With the base being darker it is exactly what is needed to add pizazz. I always say that I am a good copy-er as I have no imagination to come up with something on my own. Your work is always fresh and lovely.

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  3. Lori – I like the way each scallop has a leaf, and how symmetrical it is, including the center. The homespun fabric adds another “design element” because it is a bit of a texture along with the woven plaid. I really like the way you have everything placed. The leaves are lovely! You are a tease you know, with your peak at the embroidery…..I can’t see a full screen shot, only a little thumbnail size! I guess I will wait for the OMG posting. 🙂

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  4. I love the scalloped edge, it makes the leaves look like they are falling. I love the contrast with the leaves and the darker background. The leaves are perfectly colored, just like real leaves! It’s not too busy in my opinion – in fact, I am thinking maybe you should add some embroidery details – light colored “wind swirls”, some leaf veins, a bird? Not sure, but I think it is an extraordinary start! Also – you should totally design your own stuff. And then sell me the patterns. 🙂 Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying watching your progress!

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  5. I have some old homespun I need to pull out and love on. I think it is under appreciated with all the fabulous modern fabrics and hand dyed fabrics we have available today. Nice Fall table topper!


  6. You are really doing a fantastic job of designing (beginning). This is my favorite! I agree on the scalloped edges – it seems to make the piece! Your leaves are wonderful. Like the shape of them.
    I would say – pat yourself on the back!!!!! Good job Lori

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