Oma’s Treasures –Well, it certainly is bright.

Trying to decide if it is too obnoxious or loud.  My goal was not to take away from the embroidery.  I am not sure that I did that here.  I don’t mind the happy colors, but when you look at it’s like a slap in the face of color. I still have a couple things in mind to do.  One more one inch green around the outside, I think.  I plan to quilt the outside, but I am not sure how yet.  For where the embroidery is, since it is a such a long piece, I think I will sew tiny glass beads in the centers of some of the flowers to ensure the batting does not shift.  Of course, my binding is a bit crazy.  I have a striped piece of fabric (green/orange/pick/yellow) to add to the craziness of this piece.  Feel free to give me your opinion on my color choices and any suggestions on quilting (kinda stumped with that).  You will not offend me if you think it is awful.  I asked for it. LOL.

On a positive note, some good news, my older daughter, who was in a horrific head on collision nearly a year ago, has moved out.  I would say she is 90% of her old self, which is pretty good considering what I saw the first night in the ICU.  While it was a challenging six months after the accident. The outcome was far better than I anticipated.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


40 thoughts on “Oma’s Treasures –Well, it certainly is bright.

  1. I love it! Not too bright at all, and I think the colours compliment the embroidery nicely. Beads in the centres of flowers will look great. I was going to suggest skipping the second green border and just doing the binding in that green fabric, but on second thoughts your first idea is best. Stick with the plan! Many congratulations on your daughter taking her next step, it must feel like a massive milestone.

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  2. I would break up the colored border with a bit of off white embroidery. Not much, just enough to tone down the colors and to make it blend in with the beautiful embroidered center. Perhaps some simple daisy’s sewn here and there.
    Congratulations to your daughter!

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  3. The colors are pretty, have you considered cutting the border down to double the size of the green border and then put a black border around it OR another green? Something dark. What size are the piano keys border? I think the black might really make it. Lay a piece of black down on one side as if you had trimmed that piano key border and step back – look better?

    Just a thought. Gosh had no idea your daughter had such a bad wreck? So happy she is fine! What a blessing!

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  4. Great news about your daughter! What a blessing that she is so nearly recovered. If it were me I would use a more subdued shade of green for that inner border, and possibly bright for the binding? Obviously, I am in the minority on that! But it doesn’t matter what I think, it is what speaks to you!

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  5. Lori, everyone’s tastes are different. And you asked for honest opinions. So here goes: I find that I like the colours in the piano key border, but with it being as wide as it is, it overpowers the centre. I think someone already commented about cutting it down to half the size. Also, have you considered binding it with the same colour as the centre background piece? I think that might frame it nicely. As for quilting it … it’s obviously going to be a wall hanging – so don’t over-do it. Perhaps just an outline around the outside of the embroidered flowers (with thread that matches the background) and then echo that.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the end result! It’s a beautiful piece!

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  6. I have no advice. It looks like a happy piece and however you are going to end up finishing it, it will always be a reminder off your Oma. I am happy to hear your daughter has made such strides in her healing process. That’s a lot to be grateful for. I’m sure it’s been a long road for both of you.

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  7. That is such good news about your daughter! 90% sounds great to me. Those first few days, I never expected that much come-back, either. That’s fabulous! As for the quilt, I think the bright colors in the border pull out the brightness of the embroidery colors. A more subdued border wouldn’t do that.

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