An Awesome reason to have a Quilting Blog

Besides being with like minded people, there are awesome opportunities to strike up friendships with some of the most wonderful people.  I recently had the opportunity to email back and forth with Nanette Chopin Cook from Chopin-A Passionate Quilter.  She is so kind and wonderful.  Sometimes in life you can feel all alone and then someone like Nanette pops in and renews your Faith in People.  Nanette sent me the 2 beautiful books by Edyta Sitar.  They are gorgeous and have some awesome quilts.  I love scrap quilts and these 2 books are packed with them.  Such a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do.  Thank You Nanette.

20170514_122126_resizedSo, I did get some sewing done this weekend.  Made some pillow cases for the quilt guild.  Haley helped me with picking out the fabrics and ironing.

Mothers Day was wonderful.  I hope you all had a wonderful mother day too!

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family



11 thoughts on “An Awesome reason to have a Quilting Blog

  1. Lori, such sweet words, made me cry! When I decided out of the blue that I would not need these books I thought about selling them, then all of a sudden I finally found your Blog and said, “these books need to go to Lori”. I have learned to listen to my little inner voice and this only confirms that for some reason there is a connection! May you have a blessed week, and thank you so much for the beautiful words! It is true that we all at times do feel alone and need that special something to motivate us or make us feel good! Thank you so much, you have made my day!

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  2. Cute little pillow cases! Those look like great books. I watched her video on making a tiny log cabin quilt today. She has such a cute accent. The quilt is from her new book and you can get a chance to win it by clicking HERE. It was fun to read people’s favorite childhood friend memories, too.

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  3. I agree with you. I also found a friend through quilting and bloging. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and I make a good friend with a lady in Dublin, Ireland. She become friend on facebook and made comments of each other quilt. I never met her, but my sister one day went to Ireland for a conference and met my friend there. I sent her 2 jelly rolls from bali batiks through my sister and she sent me back a lot of gifts – all related to quilting. It’s amazing how we can connect each other through our hobby – in this case quilting even if we are world apart 😊

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