What to do……with this……

I am that person that has to be doing something at all times. If I sit down to watch the news or something else on TV, my hands must be occupied. If not, I will be eating something (which I certainly do not need to do) or I might fall asleep.
I have done some piecing by hands, but I find that it winds up being a lot of the same thing, so I find embroidery keeps my attention a little better. Since, I really like to quilt, I have to find ways to incorporate my embroidery into quilts.

Currently, I have this Halloween picture that I need to do something with. If I remember correctly, this was a picture from a coloring book (maybe. Honestly, I am not sure). I do remember that it took a fair amount of time to do this picture.

The problem I have is that now I am not sure what to do with it. I am a practical person by nature, so I do like things that I can use. So, maybe a Table Topper? The only issue is that it a picture that can only really be seen from one direction, and it would end up getting washed a lot (not sure if that matters or not). I already have one for hanging on the door, so I don’t really need another wall hanging….  It is also about 16″ x 18″ which is fairly large.

So, I am looking for ideas, if anyone has one. I have all my Halloween fabric out and am just staring at it with that blank look. Thanks.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing


19 thoughts on “What to do……with this……

  1. This is really darling! I was going to say a pillow too! I have a few seasonal pillows that I like to bring out when decorating for a holiday. You could also maybe turn it into a trick or treat bag for a loved one…or yourself…no judgement!

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  2. I love tabletoppers, so that is my vote! And there wouldn’t be a need to wash it too often, just a quick shake out or a tumble in the dryer. As for it facing one direction, just lay it facing the direction that faces you the most.


  3. I love this hand work! How about framing it? Check out the Salvation Army or the Dollar Store for a cheap frame, spray paint it black, add some glitter and hang it by your front door.


  4. And late to the party, I might suggest using it in an apron – maybe not one that you use, but that hangs on the door at the appropriate season. =) Though I would probably use it for a pillow myself, or a little wall hanging. I don’t have walls covered with a lot of things, but I have a rotating spot where I hang quilts as I feel the need to change them. It could also be the center of a Halloween lap quilt for use on chilly October nights. =)


  5. Maybe use it as the front panel for a trick or treat bag if you have a young person in the house. Or a book bag if you go to the library as often as I do…


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