A Quilt for my Grandchild…. Wait I don’t have one….

So, 4 weeks before my 40th birthday, my daughter Haley was born. I remember my sister telling me how awesome it will be when I go sign her up for kindergarten and I am old enough to be the other kid’s parents. Funny, but not funny. So, I am a 52 year old with a 12 year old daughter….. Oddly, I was told I could never have children and “surprise”. She is the love of my life, even when she tries me, which happens daily.

One of the many things I love to do is make quilts, especially baby quilts. I make them for friends that are having babies, nieces and nephews etc. I make others also, but for some reason, baby things are appealing to me.

So, if my daughter waits as long as I do to have children, I might not get to meet them. Sad. However, I want to make sure they have a quilt from their grandmother. I have made so many for others. Just sort of like my grandkid insurance. This is the first one I made for my future grandchild. My daughter (AKA future grandchilds parent) is holding the quilt.

I actually started the quilt when Haley was a baby. I love Red and it just appealed to me for some reason. I believe that the pattern was in a Better Homes and Garden quilt book. I should look it up. When I went back and looked at the quilt, I noted my signature mistake. By Signature mistake, I mean that there always is at least one in every quilt I make. There is a piece that is sideways. Maybe I should make that my signature. Make at least one thing sort of goofy.


12 thoughts on “A Quilt for my Grandchild…. Wait I don’t have one….

  1. I would never have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it, and probably still wouldn’t have found it but for that first comment. =) I love the quilt, and I love the idea of making it now for later. That post title – I had to come check it out! Thanks for following Hexagon Alley.

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  2. I had to check this out too, due to the title 🙂 I had my youngest at age 40 and I wouldn’t trade him in for the world. You and I will just be “old” moms together, right?! ( but only in age, never in spirit!)


  3. The “signature mistake” is not even noticeable. Have done that myself and it was pretty obvious in the photos. Other mistakes, I have to remind myself that no one else will really notice them. Enjoy.

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