What to do, What to do???

These are my daughters receiving blanket from when she was a baby.  I had put them in my cedar chest to make a quilt from them.  I need to make room in that cedar chest for “other things” (more quilts)  for all my future grandchildren.  However, I have a block on this one.  I usually “see” in my mind what I want to do.  I have been staring at this pile for weeks and have come up empty.  There are 13 flannel blankets (several duplicates) so it is a good bit of yardage.  Most are about 36×36 and a few are a bit bigger.  I think there is plenty pf fabric.  I just can’t figure out what to do.  I am thinking it will not be a baby blanket, but something bigger maybe for my future grandchild that might be a big older who would understand that it was made from all the blankets there Mommy was wrapped up in.  Gosh, I sound like a fruit loop!  Being that I did wait until I was 40 to have Haley, I am always thinking that I won’t get to meet her children.  This will be may way of letting them know who Grams is in case I am not here.  If she waits as long as I did, I may not meet them.

If anyone has any suggestions on type of pattern or anything to release my mind block, please let me know.  I always get such good advice from our blogging community.  Thanks!

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Opinions are just that, Opinions

So, I felt a little guilty about my AccuQuilt post.  There are quite a few people that love the AccuQuilt system.  I love it for applique shapes.  I have one and many dies.  What I had a hard time with was cutting square, triangles etc…  I felt that I was double cutting and there was a lot of waste.  Many people chimed in on both sides of the fence, which really was the intent, to hear form those that use it for that and those that don’t think it is for them and reasons behind their thoughts.  I truly love everyone’s opinion and that is what they are, opinions.  Some things work better for others, some are wondering about things.  Just meant to start some good dialogue and hopefully get some to try things they might not have in the past.

I truly believe that I don’t care for the AccuQuilt for cutting my traditional shapes because I also have/use every day, Alto’s Quilt cut.  I have had it for maybe 15 years.  It is a super fast and accurate way to get things cut.  You can tell by my photo, that mine is well used.

This has a base that holds a cutting mat.  You have the ability to move the ruler all around the mat.  It has something called a Speedcut (metal ruler on right).  This let’s you cut row after row without measuring.  Just move the ruler to the desired measurement.  Cut and move (to where metal ruler is at edge of previous cut).  You can cut and cut without measuring and each will be the same.  The ruler also tilts at any degree.  Super helpful.

So, what is the downfall?  It is pricey $229.95 on Amazon.  However, I use this every day.  I always cut with it.  Downfalls, well the cutting mat wears out as any cutting mat would with constant use.  It is a special size, so you can’t go buy it anywhere.  You have to buy it from them to get the right size mat.  Those are truly the only downfalls I can come up with.  I can cut things very accurately and quickly.

I am not advocating that everyone run out and buy one, just explaining why the AccuQuilt for traditional shapes is not my favorite. Does not mean that it can’t be yours 🙂

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