The Black Widow strikes again.

This is a bit off topic from my usual crafting, cooking, family….. I will apologize in advance.

I have jokingly (sort of) referred to myself as the black widow since my second husband died. Yep, hadn’t even reached my 50th birthday and managed to off two husbands. Waiting for my own show in the ID channel.

Anyways, today, a high school friend pinged me to let me know our friend Jeff had died. Yes, he was our friend, but he was a whole lot more to me back then. I was in love with him at one point in my life. I think he was in love with me too, but….I didn’t look like I should be his girlfriend, so after about 5 years of on and off we went our separate ways. We both went off to careers and married other people. Normal stuff. I ran into him years later at a K-mart and he told me that his mother had told him “I was the one.” I always liked her.

At this point in my life, I am starting to think that I should contact everyone I have ever been with and give them fair warning. Go get the “you have been with the Black Widow” physical.

Thankfully, the list is not that long.

RIP Jeff, I hope your family finds peace.