OMG…A blog post

Yes, I know it has been a while.  Just when I think I have my act together.  The S**t keeps rolling downhill and I am in the path.

Life goes on and I will survive.  I wont’ t bore you with all the details.  Just life crap I was in no mood to deal with.  It did not however, totally stop me from quilting/sewing, or you would have read about me in the paper LOL.

I hope you all had a lovely mothers day.  I did.  Spent the day making pillow cases for the guild charity.  Went to dinner with the family and they surprised me with a Ninja Foodie, which I have used every day since…..  I had an electric pressure cooker, which I loved, but this thing is the bomb – pressure cooker, air fryer and slow cooker all in one.

This quilt was an experiment.  I liked this pattern, Baby Bento Box, which can be located at Ronda’s creations.   Super cute and fast.

Anyway, I wanted to make this top with just fleece or Minky on the back without batting.  I ended up using fleece, because it was an experiment and less expensive.  Honestly, I WaterMark_2019-04-24-20-35-08don’t think I like the no batting part.  What I love is how the quilting looks on the back.  It looks good even when I am not.  It seems that fleece will hide a lot.  Honestly, it looks even better in person.

I am working on another one, which I will use with batting and Minky (already have it put together) to see if I like it any better.  It is the lightweight feel that gets me.  This would defiantly be a summer quilt.

Positive notes – New job is going well (or at least I think so), and I will have some exciting quilt news soon.  Hard to keep in, actually.

I have missed you all.

Happy Sewing

Happy quilting

Treasure your Family



25 thoughts on “OMG…A blog post

  1. Hi Lori! I have been thinking about you, wondering how your new job is going. I’m glad you are settling in and getting adjusted to the newness. I tried making one quilt with just fleece on the back and also thought it felt way too lightweight. I’ve never tried Minky – it sounds scary and I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet. I’m so glad you enjoyed Mother’s Day! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Hi Lori,
    I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing! It’s good to see you back in the saddle … even if it’s for one post or 2.
    I, too, like to have batting in my quilts … I haven’t tried fleece, but I did sandwich one quilt with minky and no batting. I diidn’t like it, so I took it apart and added batting. Loved the result!
    Your Baby Bento box looks very sweet!

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  3. I love the fabric, colour and simplicity of the Baby Bento. Like you, I prefer to have batting in my quilts! So glad to hear your new job is going well and so sad to hear that s&*! is still happening to you. I think “your turn” should have been over a while ago! 😁 Carol

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  4. So good to see your post, Lori! I have been wondering how you are doing and if the new job is going well. The baby be to quilt is so sweet, and I’m interested in hearing your opinion on the batting, no batting preference.

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  5. So glad you posted. If I haven’t seen anything by this weekend I was going PM you.
    When things get us down as they usually do, remember something good always follows. Hope you are well. Your quilt is wonderful, I really like pinks and grays together. You should come link up with me.
    I have missed you my friend.

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  6. That version looks great, too. I like the directional fabric you used, too. The quilting does look great! Maybe you are better than you think you are. =)

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