The Hand Quilt Along and the Paint Chip Challenge

I Have nothing……ugh……

Way too many things going on for me. Last week I started the “new” job.  My mind was not on quilting.  It was on getting up at 6:00am and getting where I belonged.  Then there was the total exhausting from trying to learn how things worked there.  Came home, ate dinner , went bed, repeat.

So I apologize to all the ladies of the quilt along, I will get my act together.and hope to have something soon.  Please visit all these wonderful ladies;

KathyMargaretKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieSusan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrin, and Gretchen

The Paint Chip Challenge.

This is an event that my guild is putting on.  I paid $5.00 to draw a bag that contained a paint chip.  You must use the colors on the card you draw, all of them.  You can add a fourth color not on the card if you choose.  The project is due at the Christmas meeting where the top three divide all the money collected.  So, I had to get to work right away, because I have issues with deadlines, or at least quilting deadlines.  My colors aren’t bad, 20190328_132013but I struggled with what to do.  I felt I needed to do something simple in order to get it completed in time.  So, I chose this simple pattern from “Block” magazine.

Well, it is simple.  In my head, I thought I ould make it look good.  I uses my 4th color (the one I got to choose) as a print.

The print is paired with the royal blue, and light blue is the green columns.  I plan to use the tan as the binding.watermark_2019-03-28-13-18-50.jpg

I hate it!
The only thing that might save it is if I manage to do some amazing quilting.  Hahaha.  That is funny.  I will finish it, but I have little hope that I will tolerate it.
Happy Sewing
Happy Quilting
Treasure your Family

13 thoughts on “The Hand Quilt Along and the Paint Chip Challenge

  1. Sometimes what we dislike as we are making a quilt turns out to be one of the best we’ve made. I learned that a couple dislikes ago and I try not to second guess myself anymore. With that said, it looks great to me.

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  2. Well, there is always a charity you can give it to! I gifted 6 large quilts to my cousin last year and she loved them all! Someone else would love it! Hope the next color is better suited to your likes!

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  3. Hi Lori! I sure don’t see why you hate your quilt top, but different strokes for different peeps. I love Nanette’s idea as well – you just have to hang on to it long enough for your guild’s gathering and then send it with love to someone else. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. If you hate it, maybe you’ll actually use it for picnics! Then maybe it won’t matter if you spill ketchup on it. And finally, it will become your favorite thing because of the memories. =)

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