My One Monthly Goal for April

March is over.  Yeah.  So, I am going to get the quilting done on my special dog quilt for my one monthly goalmy one monthly goal.  I have started, but have a long way to go.   My intent is to have it completely done, binding and all.   I decided that I would do an all WaterMark_2018-04-03-20-19-19over dog bone pattern.  So far, it is going OK.  I don’t hate it.

I have multiple projects going, so I am hoping to get a few things done.

So, in my March month of hell, there was a very bright note.  My 13-year-old eighth grader passed her entrance tests to college and actually gets to start this summer.  Helping her prepare and running to the testing center, was one of the many things that sucked up my time.  I am very proud of her.  I would like to take all the credit for her smartness, but I can only take full credit for her smart a$$ness.

Wonderful thing here in Ohio, kids who can pass the tests can get up to 2 years of college credit totally free, including books.  If all goes well, she can start college after high school as a junior.  Also, her college classes count as her high school classes, so she is not doing double work.  I might have enough money to fund those last two years.  She does not understand how important it is, but I was fortunate to leave college without any loans (thanks Mom and Dad).  At the time, I did not realize the importance, but there are people my age still paying back college loans.  Yikes!  I don’t want that for my daughter.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


22 thoughts on “My One Monthly Goal for April

  1. I like your dog bone meander pattern. It looks cute with the variegated thread. Congrats to your daughter (and you) too. Testing can be stressing, but it sounds like she’s off and running! Best wishes and I look forward to your monthly finish.

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  2. Your dog quilting is looking so cute and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Your daughter sounds very hard working and well done to her. So great if you can finish all schooling without the bugbear of debt.

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  3. Lori, so glad that April seems to be starting out better. Congrats to your girl!!!! That is exciting. I love your dog bone meander, I think the heart look of the bone ends is perfect! Happy spring to you.

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  4. Hi Lori,
    What fabulous news about your daughter! She has been given a gift due to her talents and hard work. {{Hugs}} to both of you – very great!! I am loving seeing your dog bone work on this quilt. I think it’s a very doable goal for the month. I’m glad March is behind us, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Great pattern for the Doggie quilt! They have the same type of program here in Texas. My cousin’s granddaughters both did this and the youngest will start as a Junior this coming year! Smart 13 year old – this will keep her challenged and out of trouble! Great program. I still think that the way educational programs set up before the late 1990’s was much better. We took classes and whether or not one could be elevated to the next grade was based on an achievement test. Now they teach to pass a test! Horrible. We have done such a disservice to those kids. Of course tutoring was not an option and some learning problems were not identified, but we learned each subject! More of a challenge. It took me 30 years of night school (lots of life interruptions) but I graduated in May of 1993! It was a personal goal and it was achieved. I had a wonderful career, but came up the ladder by On the Job Training and Learning (OJT) and the degree just made me a more well rounded individual with a smattering of knowledge in subjects! (Oops guess I am on a soapbox today) LOL

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