The Actual Process of Quiltng

So, being someone that loves to make quilts it seems a bit odd that I do not look forward to the actual quilting part. It scares me. I think that after all the planning and piecing, now is my greatest opportunity to screw it all up. I actually took a quilt to be professionally quilted once. It cost me about $200 and was nothing spectacular. It was disappointing. So, I vowed to do them myself. Easier said than done, unless you are fortunate to have a long arm and fancy frame. Even then, I would still panic.

I have come a long way these days. I recently moved up from just meandering to putting some hearts in a quilt. Currently I am using the Flynn Quilt Frame (Photo above)

It is not perfect, but it beats trying to do it without anything at all. It is fairly inexpensive and you use your own sewing machine. It is a great way to get started on the actual quilting process. It is a good way to determine if it is worthwhile to purchase something more expensive. I have to admit, I am totally envious of the quilting demoed on the site. I can do nothing like it and panic just thinking about it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I can’t draw. Not sure.

I plan on one day getting an actual frame and long arm. I am sure I will obsessively research it when I am ready. Always looking for opinions and advice here. If you have some, please share.