One Monthly goal and a little “Side Sewing”

What do I mean by Side Sewing?  Sewing something not quilty.  I don’t do it often, but it does happen.  I like my little key chains.  Quick gift if you need one.  I used the Lazy Girl Tutorial.  I love her name, I am totally in synch with her name.  I am a lazy girl.  When I say that I don’t really mean lazy, but looking for a better faster way of doing things.  She made hers out of candy wrappers, which I will have to try.  I love reusing stuff.

So, For my One Monthly Goal, I am going to quilt and bind my “Starry Starry Night quilt. WaterMark_2018-02-26-13-45-16 I am going to attempt to use one of my new rulers.  We will see how that goes and if the plan changes.  Time will tell.

On a positive note, some things are looking up.  All the crapiness shall pass… and new crapiness shall take it’s place.  But different is sometimes good.  Sewing/Quilting is my drug of choice.  Pretty sure it keeps me from being going to jail.

So, on a happy note, I found these beautiful Robin Eggs in my landscaping.  Can’t wait to 20180430_201358see them hatch.  Pretty sure we skipped spring and went right to Summer though.  Very Confusing weather here in Ohio.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


38 thoughts on “One Monthly goal and a little “Side Sewing”

  1. Those are so cute and I really like the star quilt! Crapiness never quits! At least around here for awhile! New slogan here – This is a “NO DRAMA” household! This pertains to family drama! The office is closed for counseling forever to family members who have problems! (coded message) I can create my own drama and learn to live with it! LOL Hugs and hoping May brings your beautiful flowers and those bird eggs are so pretty!

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  2. Go Buckeyes! I have family in Utica. So I cheer for them as well as ULL where I went to school in Lafayette, LA. Do you know where Utica is? Can’t wait to see your ruler work. I ordered a ruler foot upgrade for my Janome because it wasn’t liking the Westalee I purchased.

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  3. Hi Lori,
    Look at the beautiful blue color that only God and robins can create! WOW! I love your goal for May – I have a similar quilt top that I’m going be rulering too (if that’s a word). I’m glad to hear some of the crapiness is gone but not that it’s been replaced with new. But then that’s life, really. Just different degrees on different days, no?! {{Hugs}} Candy wrappers for a key fob – who knew?! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Everything feels better when you can quilt 🙂 I sincerely hope you’re live will pick up.

    btw I absolutely adore that starry night quilt! The blue and white work so well with the stars. Good luck on binding it.


      1. The blue on those robin’s eggs is amazing! So what are your keychains made from? In the picture it looks like some kind of leather substance. Good to know things are improving at your house. Your Starry, Starry night is beautiful! I think quilting and binding it will be a great goal for the month. Best of luck – I think you can do it!

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