Practice the quilting, practice the quilting

As i have mentioned in the past, I fear the quilting… Everyone tells me that it is all about practice, so that is what I am doing. I just get frustrated because I want to do all the beautiful stuff I see and I can’t. Jeez I hope I will get there. I don’t really like this piece much, but I really made it to hang on the front door. I have pieced one other that I am finishing and will show it soon after I get the dreaded quilting done. I like it a lot more because it has a few of my embroidered pieces in it. Someday I will get it right.

Happy Sewing. Happy Quilting.


5 thoughts on “Practice the quilting, practice the quilting

  1. I don’t see a thing wrong with this! The quilting is great, and I know it isn’t easy to do. I loved my longarm, but I struggle with using a domestic machine for quilting. I would be proud if I could do one like this.

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