Beware of Gorilla Glue and Super Glue…A friendly warning for Pet owners.

This past weekend, I need to use some Gorilla Glue and it reminded me… my sweet puppy Moka. So, Moka was about 6 months old and was doing her usual crazy puppy playing. She ran in to an end table. I did not realize that she knocked off the bottle of Gorilla Glue that I had used to fix my daughters glasses. I took it from her quickly, but she had punctured the bottle with her canine.

At the time I didn’t give it much thought, but the next morning, she was threw up three times. She was still her usual happy self, but throwing up. I went to the Gorilla Glue web site and read that it could be dangerous to pets even in small amounts. SO, I called them.

Oddly, they had a Vet on staff. That sends a message. She told me that the prognosis was good, but that Moka needed an X-Ray. If she ingested it (which I was pretty sure she did) it would have to be surgically removed. Crap.

So, I called my vet who told me that I had to go to the emergency Vet. Well, X-Ray showed it in her belly. My poor puppy. $2500.00 later, they removed it and spayed her since she was under anesthesia.

Make sure you keep Gorilla Glue, Super glue etc.. away from Pets. A pea size drop can swell to the size of a cantaloupe in their bellies. It was an expensive lesson to learn. My Moka is fine today, but paying $2500 when I had just gotten laid off totally sucked.


3 thoughts on “Beware of Gorilla Glue and Super Glue…A friendly warning for Pet owners.

  1. Wow. I had no idea. I don’t have pets, but that’s really scary to think about. What if a baby got into it? I don’t have those, either. =)


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