Block #11 and a big DUH…..

Only one more block to go.  This one is sort of OK.  My color choices were a bit ugly, but it is a barn, so I guess it is OK.  Only that pesky owl is left.  I am doing quilt as you go, so I have no idea what it will look like.

WaterMark_2018-10-20-18-30-51What is this photo?  Well, this would be a group of 4 inch square blocks that was somewhere on my table and I managed to quilt it into the quilt I was working on.  Lesson learned – TOTALLY CLEAN OFF YOUR TABLE WHEN YOU QUILT SOMETHING.  Duh.  SO I picked out some stitching after mumbling under my breath quite a bit.  This was the second oops while quilting this quilt.  The first one was when I tried to use a silky thread on the top and in the bottom and crazy stuff started happening.  Loops and well…just plain crazy stuff.  Once I went to a cotton on the top, all craziness ceased.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Love the ones you are with



22 thoughts on “Block #11 and a big DUH…..

  1. Well, there is nothing like working on an applique block and wondering why the block will not lay flat in my lap! OH I sewed a corner of the background to the piece of applique I am working on! I have done this so I definitely understand how you feel! Your Barn is cute!
    Have a good evening.

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  2. Hi Lori! At least you cut your loses on the slippery thread and got back to your senses right away. I sewed one of those slippery slider things to my quilt once. That was the end of that helpful thing. Obviously I didn’t need any help sliding things under the needle. I think the fabric you selected for your barn are perfect – at least where I live, barns are that color. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Been there and so have done that!!!! Also, have been machine quilting and had a significant piece of the backing flip under and get stitched (heavily) into the very wrong place!!!! (one of the disadvantages of stitching on a sit-down machine!!!) You would think I would learn after a few times…hmmmmm????? LOL!!!

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  4. I really like your barn as is – the colors are very pretty! I have done just the same thing and I agree it’s super frustrating! I also should clean up my space before stitching (or pinning things together), but I really like sewing – cleaning up? Not so much!

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