When life throws you a curve, quilt

This is my One Monthly Goal Project.  I actually finished it.  It was completed before my sister died.  I think I needed something to do rather than sit around and wait for something to happen.  I actually finished the binding on the evening before.  I needed something to do with my hands.  It is a cute baby quilt, even though my fire fly looks like it has mated with a bee.

For the first time, I pieced a back.  Nothing fancy, but I did it.  Learned a few things.  If watermark_2018-09-24-19-02-24.jpgyou can piece your back, you can save a lot of fabric.

I used my heart-shaped ruler for my quilting.  It does not look watermark_2018-09-24-19-02-49.jpgto bad. I find quilting with shapes and rulers relaxing, which is why I probably got this completed.  I needed to do something that was sort of mindless. For some weird reason, the color looks goofy in this photo.  Maybe because it is a close up

I hope you don’t mind….for a while I will likely add pictures of my sister Kellie.  I think honoring her helps me a bit.  It has only been a week and there were many time I said oh I will ask Kellie, burst in to tears when I suddenly realized I could no longer do that.

KELLIE – When, I had issues with my first husband, My sister drove down and picked up Haley for

20180917_134023 (1)
Kellie and Lori

the weekend so we can try to sort out what we were doing.  Unfortunately, that same weekend, my husband Jerry took his own life.  Kellie kept Haley for a couple of days so I could make arrangements and then brought her home.  She wanted to protect her for as long as she could, from how hard life was.  Haley was only 4.  I was so thankful that she did that.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure those you love like there is no tomorrow


35 thoughts on “When life throws you a curve, quilt

  1. Good for you!!!!! I think it is great that you honor your sister by showing her life to all!
    Have a great day, and I am waiting for cooler weather and more rain! Friday is a Quilt Show in Austin, Texas – a day away.

    PS – I am thinking about a dog! Bichon! THINKING

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  2. The quilt turned out great! You have done such a long way with your quilting this year. Thanks for sharing snippets of Kellie’s life with us, it is a lovely memorial for her. Hope you have good moments tomorrow. XX

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  3. You certainly have had a lot of suffering, friend. Quilting is a wonderful escape. My worries seem to melt away when I sew. So keep it up! And write, write, write. Writing is very therapeutic. When my beloved cousin died, I grieved and carried that grief with me until I wrote about him. I wrote a novel. I’ve never published it, and I won’t, because it’s not very good. 😀 But writing it out helped me move on. Maybe it is something that can help you, too. Jesus showed us that death is not the end, and suffering is temporary. The Bible is very comforting in times of distress. May God bless and comfort you.

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  4. Because sometimes there isn’t any. That’s a wonderful quilt, even if bees aren’t your favorite things. You have such good, loving memories of your sister.

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