I lost my best friend and little sister on September 19, 2018.  I will be paying tribute to her in my blog posts and adding her stories here all in one place.  Besides being my sister, she was one of my favorite people.  Besides losing a best friend and sister.  Her husband lost his wife and her children lost their mother.  All of this seems unbearable.

September 26, 2918

KELLIE – When, I had issues with my first husband, My sister drove down and picked up Haley for

20180917_134023 (1)
Kellie and Lori

the weekend so we can try to sort out what we were doing.  Unfortunately, that same weekend, my husband Jerry took his own life.  Kellie kept Haley for a couple of days so I could make arrangements and then brought her home.  She wanted to protect her for as long as she could, from how hard life was.  Haley was only 4.  I was so thankful that she did that.