Experimentation…sort of

So, I bought this QCR Mini curve ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful” a long time ago. They, of course, had a really cute dog pattern that I liked. That is how you get Lori to buy an expensive ruler. Put it with a dog pattern. Works every time.

So, this was my experimental piece to determine how crappy I could sew curves. I’m gonna go with medium crappiness.


First, cutting. I hate cutting. You cut out your squares and then use the ruler to line them up and cut the curves. It said to use a 45mm rotary cutter. I found this very difficult. I was actually cutting the template and shaving pieces of plastic off. So I sat for a while with a nail file filing off where I “nicked” the template. Mostly because then it would hang up in the same place. Once my friend Lynn told me to slow down when I cut them things went a little better. Did I tell you I hate cutting?

So, once I had them all cut I began sewing. You leave ears and then square them up. So overall once they were squared up and trimmed they did not look bad. But, I need to try something else before I decide if this ruler is a success. I used some valentines fabric so I could give this to my next-door neighbor. She needed something Valentines for her table. It’s not the worst thing I have ever made, but certainly far from my favorite.

Yep. this is how my dog sleeps. Crazy girl. Right in the middle, paws in the air. Loudly snoring.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “Experimentation…sort of

  1. Ah they lured you in with the dog pattern….ha! Sorry to read it was so challenging. Yes cutting can be irritating, I just accept it as what I have to do to get to the next step. I’ve made so many cutting mistakes in the past and I am always confused with templates! Congrats on making it through. Cute dog sleeping! (is the dog dreaming of fabric cutting?) 🙂

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  2. I love dogs! That picture just makes me smile from ear to ear. I think your blocks look wonderful. You’re too critical of yourself . . . no one else will ever look that closely. They look at the overall piece, which looks great. Your neighbor will LOVE it. It’s perfect for the season. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. For that ruler, I wouldn’t use anything but a 28mm wheel–which means another cutter. There are easier techniques than a ruler and a thousand pins (originally typed pints;-)) to get good circles, but some take a bit of effort, though I can show a pattern that would get you started.


  4. Sadly, that expensive ruler is not the best way to learn to sew curves. It’s much easier with a template set that has different curves for the convex and concave pieces because then the seam allowance is included. Been there, done that with both types of ruler.

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  5. You are so funny Lori!!!! Can I sell you some of the rulers that they talked me into – I have tons that I have never used, but sure did want them at the time. Hey maybe I will take some time now and play with them! Hugs I need to come see you and teach you how easy cutting really is….. LOL I can tell you that doing 16 quilting projects in a month is so much fun!!!! It is a fun day here – yesterday 88 today 38!

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