I am my own enemy

I am my own enemy in every respect. Let’s start with My Holiday table piece. I had this beautiful pumpkin fabric that I loved. So I found my pattern and cut it out. After I sewed a couple of sections together, I realized that this was a directional patterned fabric. and was going to look totally stupid. Pumpkins going every different direction. My words at the time are not fit to repeat. So, I finished it and then practiced some quilting, which pretty much winded up looking like a two year old scribbling on paper. I used it on Thanksgiving anyway. No one but me noticed the disaster.

So, issue number 2. I fractured my foot. Dont know when or how. Mentioned to the Doc when my toes started burning and I wanted them removed (just kidding) and soon I was sporting this fabulous attire (left). Oh joy, just in time for Holiday shopping.

So, now we can move onto dumb ass move #3. So last night, while wrapping Christmas presents, I single handedly managed to shove a pair of scissors into my thigh and then promptly shove them through the top of my hand. Went in around the thump, pointy end came out the top of my hand somewhere. While this occurred, I truly have no idea of the sequence of events. Did it need stitched? Probably. Did I get them? Noooooo. It was 9pm at night and I was so annoyed with myself. Needless to say my daughter and Significant other have taken away all sharp objects. I am now destined to use blunt nose scissors under supervision.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


18 thoughts on “I am my own enemy

  1. Oh goodness, Lori!! Dumbass move #2 and #3 – OUCH. I think the pumpkins look great – it may be directional fabric but guests at your table are viewing it from all angles, so it worked out in your favor I think. Otherwise, they would be upside-down or sideways from three sides! So, if you agree with Chela’s reasoning, then you’re due one more dumbass stuff. Good thing the sharp pointy stuff have been taken away from you. HAHA! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Oh bother! The table topper looks nice on the table ,besides when you put a pretty dish on top who is going to notice a few scribbles?!😍 Hoping your on the mend quickly.

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  3. First of all I think the table topper looks just fine. Look at it this way…pumpkins are usually round and can very easily be rolled. Think of the pumpkins on your topper as being in motion. As far as your endless foibles…ouch!

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  4. I love your pumpkin table topper! I think the every which way pumpkins make them look more bountiful somehow. You are too hard on yourself! I’m glad to see your have your feet (foot) up and are being supervised around sharp objects ; )

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