What day is it?

So I had every intention of participating in One Monthly Goal.  However, I can not keep track of days or dates.  Here it is April 9, 2020, missed it!  I swear I may be losing my mind.  It is like time has stood still in my mind because nothing changes, yet it is actually continuing.

I might as well tell you what my goal was.  My intention for the One Monthly Goal was to complete the top for a charity quilt.  My quilt guild had about 35 kits ready to pass out at meetings, yet we are not having meetings, so they volunteered to drop them off.  I said I would do a couple, considering I needed some motivation to actually do something.

Don’t care for it one bit.  The dark brown bother me.  The instruction I had for this quilt were crazy.  They were all wrong and totally goofy.  I am not a good instruction follower in general, but since this was not my fabric and for charity, I thought I should actually read them and follow them.  WRONG.  They were wrong on most counts, what needed cut, the layout, everything.  It still needs borders and I am hoping that makes it look a little better, but I am not very hopeful.  I am hoping this is meant for a man.

Mostly working from home.  I am getting better at that.  I get up early before everyone else gets up so I can get as much done as possible before they arise.  They are pretty good at not bothering me though, with the exception of the dogs.  “Hey Mom us up, let’s all sit on her.”

I hope you are all staying safe.  Happy Sewing, Happy Quilting.

My Moka refuses to Social Distance!

18 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. Had to laugh, I am feeling a lot like you – what day is it and not as motivated as I thought I would be, although I am getting ‘it’ done. I agree the kit colors and pattern seem a bit wompy and out of sorts but actually in keeping with how the world is feeling – out of sorts – so maybe thats this crazy quilts name – out of sorts – which actually seems very beautiful to me that way. No matter what this quilt will be a treasure 🙂 stay well and safe

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  2. Aww, I love the photo with you and Moka! We all need a little Moka in our lives, to ignore social distancing for a pup. {{Hugs}} Take care, whatever day this is. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Moda is adorable. Sure glad you can still cuddle your pets. I think the confusion over days is common. I know at least once or twice (or more) I have to ask DH what day it is or check my phone so I don’t look like old timers is setting in! Someone will enjoy this quilt, I’m sure! Stay well! 😄 Carol

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  4. Lori, I’m not sure, but I thought I read that OMG is open until the 15th this month, you might want to double check just in case I wasn’t dreaming! I thought yesterday was Saturday most of the afternoon, so I’m right there with you!

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  5. I like the dark brown in quilt! Yes it is hard to track days what all you do is mainly stay inside! Even though I go for a walk with my dog a couple times a day I’m still having trouble tracking days these days!

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  6. Well, Lori, I was taught if I cannot say anything nice, do not say anything……………………..

    OK now to how to keep track of days – order curbside every day of the week for something from the grocery store. Then when you go pick it up you will be ready for the next day! Personally I only have 3 more days to do this and most of the orders were placed over 2 weeks ago so I do not need most of the items, but keeping my options open.

    NOW for some reason, call it Easter and I anticipation of Easter Morning – I feel that things are about to change! I have a calmness that I have not had all year. I do believe that we will be finished with all the surgeries/procedures within the next 3 week – well, OK. how about 1 May!

    Anyway, you notice I had no comments on your quilt! Here is one – UGH! (horrible colors)
    Love ya


  7. Feeling the same way. My main problem with distance teaching is knowing when to stop. I am putting in WAY more than 8 hours a day + weekends Whaaaat??? 😉 I also feel the same way about some of the fabrics I’ve gotten for charity quilts over the years. I almost always dislike the fabric choices. Why is that?

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    1. I know they are trying to do the best with what they have, but sometimes I would just have rather used from my stash nd donated. I fond that working from home also mean I spend way more time working than normal. I fell LIke I have to make it up since I am home in my sweatpants. Weird, I know. LOL. Stay safe.

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