Something New to try and get out of the Funk and One Monthly Goal

Yes, I know a petal is missing.  This is supposed to be a pointsettia.  I am finding it quite challenging to get it together.  I have laid it out countless tiems today, unsuccesfully.  I a confident that I will get it at some point.  Sometimes challenging things are good.  I have a halloween quilt wall hanging that i want to hang on my front door and I would liek to hang this there too.  However, I need to get it figured out before that can happen.  I will get there.

So, for my One monthly Goal, I need to create a test block for this quilt.  I know it does 20171001_195157_resizednot look like much, but these are such complicated blocks.  I have had the stuff for this quilt for months and I am scared to try and do one of these blocks.

So, this is a special quilt.  All the dogs will be wearing Ohio State Sweaters and I will create a border with Footballs and the block “O”.

For a long time I have been wanting to make someone special to me a quilt, but could not figure out the right design.  It needed the quilt to say Me (crazy Dog Lady) and him, Huge Ohio State Fan.  I think this will come out cute as soon as I can get past my fear of this block with a million pieces.  If it is to difficult, then I am back to ground zero (and I already bought all the fabic).  Hoping it works out.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


19 thoughts on “Something New to try and get out of the Funk and One Monthly Goal

  1. Is it cut and pieced or paper pieced? It looks like a terrific candidate for paper piecing. If it is traditional, just go slow and measure twice before you cut. You can handle this one block at a time.😄 I felt that way about the splendid sampler at first, but I started cutting and before I knew it, we were done!

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  2. Such a special project–and wonderful idea personalizing the sweaters! I definitely understand your nerves (I’m the same way when trying something new/challenging), but I find that starting is often the hardest part. Can’t wait to see your progress! 🙂

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  3. Looks like tracing the “P” on the background fabric would aid in placement – LOL – Don’t you just love advice? I am having a fun day fighting with USPS – gets rid of all my pent up frustrations!!!
    Out of the funk and into the frying pan. No the doggie quilt looks like fun! Hang in there. Funks usually last a short time – usually spending money helps me get out of a funk! Have a great day Lori

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      1. No it is the dumb Post Office here in the country and Logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse, BUT I finally have them paired correctly thx to a smart technical person! Hugs – I have been sewing now and relaxing waiting for my coffee to finish. Tried a cookie (weather changes and cravings start) but the one bite started to break out my geographic tongue – so forget that! Heck I could eat a pizza and feel worse! LOL – Sick Cajun/Yankee humor today! You keep on keeping on you are doing fine!

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