Quilting Like A Crazy Woman

I certainly have gotten brave in a fairly short time with my quilting.  Not only did I put pebbles in the sand, but I did some thread painting on the palm trees.  I am thinking that my alternate personality must be taking over again.  She seems to be better and braver with quilting than I am.  I should name her.  I will have to think about that one.

I am finding that this quilt with all the quilting is quite time consuming.  I don’t mind, especially since this is for my one day grandchild.  I think about that while I am quilting it.  My daughter, who is only 13, thinks I am totally crazy.  But being an “Old” Mom, I worry about not being around when she has children.  If she waits as long as I did, it could happen.  I need to make sure that those grandkids have quilts from me whether I am here or not.  While she thinks I am crazy now, I hope she apprecaites it some day, whether I am here or not.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Stay Safe Florida


33 thoughts on “Quilting Like A Crazy Woman

  1. I love the quilt and what you are doing with it. I do get the desire to quilt for a possible grandchild. The ability to quilt could leave you sooner than you would like and you will be ready. No quilt ever made will go to waste. Someone, sometime will appreciate your efforts and the beautiful work you are doing.

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  2. Such cute camels and such precision in those pebbles…fun fun…..some little grandchild will tell their friends who made their quilt when they are about 4yrs old and won’t let anyone else touch it!! Much love in the work : > )

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  3. How fun! I think about that, as well. I have two grandchildren who have quilts made by me, but my youngest son hasn’t married or had children yet. I, too, would want any future grandchildren to have quilts.

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  4. Those camels look very content. They must like the quilting very much! So do I – love the pebbles and the thread painted trees. Hoping you will do the clouds next. 😀 Your daughter will understand one day. She’ll be glad then, that you are thinking of her now.

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