I Sometimes wonder how I manage to Tie my own shoes

So, last night, I wanted to work on yet another project.  It had some detailed applique.  I was finding it very frustrating, as I had my head about three inches from the machine needle so I could see what I was doing.  I was getting frustrated because some of it was just hard to see (bifocals not helping).

So I suddenly had a thought.  Last week, when I was cleaning out the drawers of my cabinet I came across a few small Bernina Boxes.  I remembered where they came from.  My late husband liked to say I am sorry with “stuff”.  Since “stuff” was not what I wanted from him at the time, I tucked them away in a drawer.

Well, it turns out that one of these little boxes was magnifying glasses.  WooHoo, jackpot.  Maybe I can see what I am doing.  So, I get out the instructions, which is odd for me.  I usually shy away from instructions.  I follow along with what to do.  Open up the head and install this little bar so that you can hook the magnifying glasses to it.  OK, seems simple enough.  But, why does my machine not look like the one in the picture?  Well, after about 20 minutes of staring blankly at it, insisting that I was going to find a way to make it work even though it did not look like it should, I suddenly realized that yes, I have 2 Bernina machines and Holy Cow I bet these were for that “other” machine.  Darn it.  I wanted to use this one.  Then after another 20 minutes of being disappointed I looked at the front of the machine and it already had this bar for magnifying glasses installed.  OMG, could I be any dumber?  40 minutes into this and I should just slap myself.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


35 thoughts on “I Sometimes wonder how I manage to Tie my own shoes

  1. Oh I’ve felt that way many times. How terrific to have those little boxes of treasures tucked away. And finding them just when you need them. I could use one on my Brother machine. LOL.

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  2. Well, don’t I feel better! I love your posts, especially when you can laugh at yourself. We all need to do more of that! That magnifying glass really makes it easier to see doesn’t it. Humm maybe I will get one.

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  3. This whole needing reading glasses thing- interacting with computer screens – interacting with sewing – it’s all really hard. I feel like i spend much of my day taking glasses on and off and moving my whole body around trying to find a good distance to see what I need to see. So I empathize with your struggles for sure. Glad you found a solution!

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  4. LOL Thanks for sharing that!! I have moments like that too…I like to tell myself it’s because I have laser-like focus but really, it’s just that I’m not paying attention 😀 Glad you got it worked out!

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  5. Been there. Anytime I have tried to read the instructions, I ended up doing it wrong. When I have something with extensive instructions, I give it to my husband. Otherwise, I look at it like a puzzle and assemble it without reading them. I look at quilt patterns as mere suggestions. I don’t believe I have ever followed a quilt pattern from start to finish. I have slip ons, for “those” days.

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  6. Oh, Lori, you made me laugh! Thanks, I needed that! I can soooo relate to your need for magnification. Also, more light, especially when working with dark fabrics. I found a flashlight at a local home improvement store that straps to my forehead. I look rediculous, but who cares? My hands are free to sew and I can see!!!!!!

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