Something pretty Amidst the Darkness

This is a quilt I made my youngest daughter when she was a baby.  It has multiple fabric types for that “special feel”.  I felt I needed to post a picture of a quilt.  They are comforting.






On August 22nd, my older daughter was in a head on collision

Resized_20160824_120642on the freeway.  Darn near everything was broken; legs, ankles, knees, feet, elbows, collarbones, ribs, punctured lungs lacerated liver, spleen and intestines.  Fortunately, there was no head injuries.  Today was Miranda’s sixth day of surgery.  She still has more ahead of her.  She is still here.  For this I am grateful.  I don’t think I could stand losing another loved one.  I must thank family ( who came immediately) and friends for their support, especially Susan from DesertSky Quilting.  She was up texting me late night so I would not lose my mind.  It will be a long road to recovery, but we will get there.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


30 thoughts on “Something pretty Amidst the Darkness

  1. Oh, my! How awful!! That crash must’ve been horrendous–you’re right, it’s a miracle she came through it. She must be a real fighter and I’m sure she’ll have excellent care and support . . . hang in there and take care of yourself, too.

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  2. What a horrible nightmare. Take that beautiful baby quilt to her in the hospital (I’m sure you already have) because she’s still your baby even though she’s all grown up. Best wishes for her speedy recovery. Stay strong. (Hugs)

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  3. And I will text you any time in the middle of the night that you like, but hope never for such a reason again. I haven’t even had time for blogs this week, but I was pleased to see your post when I started looking at the e-mails tonight.

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